Saturday, March 20, 2010

He proposed, I said, "Uh, yeeeaah..."

The proposal. I'm not really sure how to tell this story because the whole "will you marry me?" question was answered more over a span of a couple of months than in one moment.

Marty knew sooner than I did. I can remember a conversation that took place after we'd only been dating about a month. I, of course, was questioning everything. I was scared and I was starting to push him away. Thankfully, he didn't let me. Instead, he pursued harder and pretty much said, "I'm in this thing to marry you." I'm not going to lie-- that freaked me out! In the back of my mind I thought the same thing, but I sure wasn't ready to say it! 

A few weeks later, I couldn't deny it and the first, "I love you's" came. 

By Christmas we had no doubt at all that we would be getting married, we just weren't totally sure when. We spent most of Christmas break and the first part of January just really seeking God's guidance and timing in things. We didn't want anything to be rushed or delayed because of our own personal plans. I would say it was about mid January that God really began to press the end of the summer on both of our hearts and minds. For some reason we couldn't get August out of our heads. There was no particular reason-- we just kept going back to it. 

From mid January on, it was a waiting game. I knew he was going to propose sometime in the near future. I wasn't totally sure when, but I knew it had to be soon if we were wanting to have a wedding by August.

The last week of February came and he asked me to go out. We hadn't been out on a nice date in a while so I got it in my head that THIS was the night. We were going to my favorite restaurant (Copelands) and then we planned to go do something after. I just knew he would have the ring hidden somewhere with one of my friends hiding around a corner ready to snap pictures. The whole night I had all my senses working extra hard looking and listening for any hint of proposal. Dinner was over, no proposal. "Okay.... he didn't want to do it at a restaurant... he's about to take me somewhere romantic now and do it there." This is what I kept telling myself the whole time we were paying for the check and walking out to the car. We got in the car and he said, "So uh... what do you wanna do now?" I felt like a kid who just found out Santa wasn't real! He wasn't proposing that night. I was disappointed and couldn't hide it. I tried to still have fun not be down, but you know how it is when you get your hopes up for something! I didn't want to go do something. I wanted to go home and sulk! So we went home. I was discouraged and wondering how these plans were going to work out. For one, my cousin had just gotten engaged and decided to get married on August 7, the date we were planning on! And then, no proposal. I started to get really scared that maybe things weren't really going to happen when I thought.

I can't ever hide anything from him (which drives me crazy!!) so he pretty much figured out why I was down. He couldn't stand the thought of me being disappointed or thinking that he didn't want to propose to me so he broke down and told me that he had ordered the ring weeks ago but it was in NYC and they were having blizzards so it had this big delay on it. He had wanted to propose weeks ago, but the ring just hadn't come in yet. Yeah--then I felt like a jerk.

Well, a couple weeks later it finally came in. On Saturday, March 6, which just happened to be my mom's birthday. The store called him and said the ring was in and he went straight there to get it. He said that when he got there, he was so excited to finally have it and be able to propose to me that he couldn't wait any longer. He called my sister and had her get her camera and meet him at my house.

I was home working on a research paper. I was in shorts and a t-shirt, really stressed out about the paper, and just not in the best of moods. I didn't want to be bothered. He came over and I didn't think anything of it. I just told him to go in the living room so he wouldn't bother me and I could finish my paper. About 10 minutes later he yelled for me to come in there because he had to show me something. I said, "No... just tell me. I'm working on my paper." Then he said with more force, "Jordan! Just come here." So I walk in my living room and see my sister attempting to hide behind the entertainment center. When I saw her with her camera, I knew what was next. He look at me and said, "There's something under your tree..." (Yes, my Christmas tree is STILL up!) I looked and there was a little ring-sized boxed wrapped in Christmas wrapping paper. I laughed and started opening it, then he took it from me and finished opening it. When he got it open, he got down on one knee, opened the box, and said, "Jordan... will you marry me?" 

At this point I was just really confused. I was totally in the paper-writing zone all day and he came up in my house and out of no where was now on his knee with a diamond??? In my state of shock/confusion/"what??" feeling, I just looked at him and said, "Uh... yeeeaaah" with a little bit of an attitude. Then he attempted to put the ring on my right hand, but I corrected him. Jessie snapped a few pictures and went home. I didn't really know what to do? What do you do the moments after a proposal? I had no idea... so, in my awkwardness... I went back to my paper. 

Yeah, I know, come on!! Lame, right?? Sorry.

That night we had already planned to go out with my whole family for mom's birthday so we didn't really get to celebrate then. Instead, we had what we called proposal partII and proposal partIII on Monday and Thursday the following week. PartII was begun with a little miscommunication, so hey, third time's a charm, right?? Thursday we went to PF Chang's together to celebrate and do more of the normal post-proposal talking. It was great.

So, that's pretty much the story in a nutshell. We never said it was anything fancy or romantic... but, it's us!

Here are some pics:

I was still trying to figure this whole thing out. He was nervous as ever!

I think I was going too slow for him. He took it from me and finished opening it.

Is this real life?

Which hand???

Look how red his cheeks were! He was so nervous.

The ring!

This is us on during Proposal PartIII


Rachel Cox said...

Awww.... I love this!

And can I just say that the pictures y'all took that is your blog header is SO SO cute! Love it!

Erika said...

Jordan, This is the first time I've ever read this!! It gave me goosebumps. I'm SO glad you're my sister!