Monday, October 18, 2010

archie turns 13!

Last night we celebrated a big milestone in our family! My little cousin, Archie, is turning THIRTEEN this Friday! The whole family (minus mom and Jess) got together at his house for some cake and ice cream and had a great time!

Archie is a very special person to me. Growing up it was always us girls on the Morgan side of my family. Me, my cousin Caitlin who is 6 months younger than me, and Jessie. Little did we know that years down the road we'd be getting a little boy! When I was 10 my little cousin Archie was born. He was all our pride and joy!

I remember when he was a toddler Caitlin and I LOVED to go to the mall. We would dress him in his cutest clothes, gel his hair, and then fight over who got to push him in the stroller. We were his little mommas. When we were real little, he and Jessie were buddies while me and Caitlin were the mommas. But as we got older, Jessie and Caitlin really got close and became buds and Archie and I did the same. Anywhere we go, he's my buddy. We have a very close and special relationship and that's something I am SO THANKFUL FOR! This dude has the biggest heart I've ever seen in a boy his age and he always has.

I have no doubt that God has huge plans for him and I can't wait to see what all he becomes.

Happy 13th birthday, Clyde! I love you!

Here he is with his 13 candles!

The Jones family!

Him with his grandparents who sure do SPOIL him! :)

He will NEVER be too old for kisses from us!!!!

Now we don't exactly do things the normal way. Since he's the only boy AND the youngest, he's been the victim of some pickin on. Over the last few years I've developed a tradition of giving him a holiday wedgie. This year I held him down (he'll never be too big for that, either) while Caitlin and I gave him his birthday spankin... then I followed up with an amazing wedgie. 

I had to make sure he'd remember it. 

Now that's a wedgie!! Happy birthday, kid! 



Anonymous said...

I would LOVE a SPAinK & WEDGIE from you! I am trying to buy a red speedo, so i can show my waistband infront of my older cousin so she can hold me down and give me a spAink and a WEDGIE!

Anonymous said...

Same i'd LOVE a wedgie from u! Please give me ONE!!!!

Candice Stevens said...

Amazing wedgie! I love giving my little 12 year old brother hanging wedgies. He wears these cutee hanes tighty whites ride-up versions. They are like 10cm on the sides so u can spot the waistband from a MILE away haha ! Ive ripped over 10 of his tighties! His also the only boy and youngest. Im 21 and my sisters are 23 and 26. Once wen we were all over at my parents house i brought my bff and all 4 of us girls gave him an ALL-SIDED WEDGIE! Hooked him on my dads hardware rack thing. It has 10 hooks on the roof and we managed to get him up there! Left him for 2 hours! Hahhaha we have a video and tonnes of photos. Amazing day. He peed himself :( hahah poorr guuyy! My friend melissa kissed him on the cheek! He was sooooo embarrassed! I love him <3

Samantha streep said...

Haha whats with those 2 ^ ^ Wedgie fetish :/ ! Wonderful wedgie! Love giving my 2 brothers wedgie theyre 8 and sooo annoyig but i love em! Rip their undies like every week! Poor mum and dad has to buy more for them

Anonymous said...

I was one of the few boys around growing up to and was the baby. It sucked My sister and our female cousins always loved to always point out that I was younger (My sister was only like a year older then me too.) and the girls also seemed to enjoy making me feel different because I was a boy.

My sister gave me a spanking and a wedgie once too when we were both kids. I didn't enjoy it though.

I was a 9-year old boy, my sister, who was ten, gave me a giant wedgie and was doing it for what felt like hours. It felt like she had my white hanes underwear up to my head. I was lying down, and my sister was on top of me spanking me and giving me a wedgie and giggling with girlish glee as her best friend took pictures. I didn't like it, but she was stronger. It's kinda funny now I guess.

I'm not trying to be pervy, but my sister and I guess her friend too had never seen boy's underwear before because they were kinda silently laughing as my sister pulled my white underwear up, then laughed harder as time went on. I think it was a bit of a novelty to see it, which is why she did it for so long, and was so amused

Needless to say, I learned younger to respect girls.

Anonymous said...

Like you say, Jesus leaves his fingerprints everywhere and loves you sexually abusing your brother, getting off on crushing his testicles!

So many of Jesus's followers are into child sex abuse, maybe Jesus was a child sex abuser too?

Anonymous said...

What the hell?!?! Okay the wedgie fetish people are a little strange....a lot actually. But, don't you think this is too sexual for family?

Anonymous said...

(I do not care how dated this post is) You bully your sibling and treat it like a joke. That's disturbing. The so-called prank - "Wedgie" is a for of sexual assault in the 4th degree. In those pictures the boy is only 13 (still a child) it's disturbing that you see this as an alright thing to do. You did so on his birthday no less. If the rolls where reversed this would have been removed immediately. Did you ever consider how your younger brother felt? Did you seriously upload this as a "Joke" for the whole Internet to see? If you showed him this "Blog" now would he even approve? Brothers or Sisters, it does not matter sibling bullying can and will have effects on the victim eventually no matter their age or gender. "I had to make sure he'd remember it." Remember what? The discomfort and embarrassment? What's next? You'll stand up during your brother's wedding and tell stories of how you other sibling Where - "Picking on him" so because he the youngest sibling and the only boy that make it okay to put your hands down his pants and pull on his underwear exposing his undergarments plus "Hold him down and spank him" If you where the youngest sibling and your older brothers held you down, pulled your underwear and spanked you and uploaded to the Internet, it would NOT be viewed as a light-hearted joke the post would be removed immediately and there most like be truble with C.P.S. Gender difference does NOT make this okay. Joke or not, its wrong.

This is child abuse and you should be ashamed of yourself.

(if you remove this comment that only proves the point further)

Anonymous said...

Give me a wedgie