Wednesday, October 13, 2010

i love you because...

When Marty and I were driving home from our honeymoon we went through a bad "Are we there yet?? How much longer? THIS DRIVE IS AWFUL" phase. We were bored and tired of being in the car and SO close to home, yet still so far away. So... we played games. I spy. Guess who. I'm thinking of a number between 1 and 1,000. And then we played I love you because.

If you've never played this game, it's real simple. You simply say, "I love you because..." then follow it with a reason why you love them. I would say one, then he'd say one. Those who know us real well know that HE is actually the sweet, sentimental, more sensitive one. I am the one more likely to be like, "This is weird!" And at first I kind of did that. I started off just saying some silly things... like, "I love you because you don't wear skinny jeans." But then he would throw in a real serious one and before I knew it, it actually became a very close, intimate time for us to truly just love each other with our words of affirmation. It was TOTALLY not my "style" and out of my comfort zone, but I am so thankful for it. We both said some things to each other that had never been spoken before but sure encouraged our socks off. This last for about an hour and I will never forget that time. (Granted, I still had to throw in a few silly ones for some comic relief from time to time).

Well of course we got home and started getting settled in our new routine of life. And let me just say this-- the last 2 and a half months of my life have been amazing. I seriously married the kindest heart I have ever known. Marty treats me better than I deserve to be treated honestly. And I truly believe it's not just because we're still in the "honeymoon" phase. That's just who he is. And in these last few months he has been so good with words of affirmation. He's always complimenting me and telling me he loves me "so much" and that he's so thankful for me and that I look hott even when I don't and all that jazz.

If you've ever studied the 5 love languages, let me just tell you, words of affirmation is definitely his language. Well, that and physical touch. Ha. But don't worry, not going there. ANYWAY... He's great with those things. Me, not so much. I love him and respect him and adore who he is but it's not as natural for me to just randomly speak those things out of the blue. But that's no excuse. Just because it's not natural or comfortable or "who I am" doesn't mean I shouldn't do it.

So I really prayed about that and asked God to help me better love my husband through my words. I didn't want "I love you because" to end just because our honeymoon drive was over. I still want him to know daily why I love him and how I'm thankful for him. So one day while he was gone I wrote about 20 different reasons why I love him on these little sticky notes and hid them in random places in his room for him to find as a surprise at random times. **Note: NO, we don't have separate rooms. Our closets are just really small so we keep all of our clothes and stuff like that in different rooms. Don't judge.** He began finding them one by one and it was so much fun! He has a collection of them on his dresser and I just grin because he hasn't even found half of them yet.

Here's an example of one... I thought this one was just funny. And it's true. He's not too proud to buy me anything.

Well, the other day I was getting ready for work and noticed he had left me an "I love you because" note on my mirror. And then this morning he left me this note:

They both made me so happy! I love things like that and this is actually becoming so much fun! We just keep surprising each other and every day it's something new that I had no idea he even noticed about me or liked about me. I'm hoping that this can kind of become an on-going tradition and just a norm in our house. How fun would it be to have some kids one day to join in this?? It'll just be a little house full of love! :)

Anyway, this has just been on my mind and I had to write about it before I forgot! He's been on my mind a lot today so I thought I would just publicly share.

Why I love my husband today:
-He hates going to sleep as early as I do, but he will come and lay in the bed with me until I fall asleep so I don't go to bed alone.
-He ALWAYS has to hug me. Sometimes I act like it drives me crazy, but secretly I think it's cute. 
-Like I mentioned earlier, he will go buy me anything. Seriously. Nothing is too embarrassing or too awkward. If it means saving me a trip or me not having to get up off the couch, he'll do it. 
-EVERY SINGLE MORNING when I'm getting ready for work I look and see him reading his bible and starting his day off with Jesus. 
-He is never above saying sorry. He is always the first to apologize.
-He will jokingly try to act like a hard, macho, sexist man... only because we both know he is everything BUT that. He is the most kind-hearted, respectful man in the world. 
-He just laughs about me being complicated when he could get really frustrated by it. 
-He gets so serious about animals. He is such an animal lover and believes they have emotions and feels sorry for them all the time. Even though I think it's ridiculous sometimes, I love his heart. 
-When I'm asleep he'll say, "Hey are you asleep" and wake me up. It usually irritates me, but I know it's just because he just wants to talk to me some more. 
-When I'm talking about something that he DOES NOT care about, he at least tries very hard to act like he does and participate in the conversation. It usually ends up with him saying something WAY off the wall, but he at least tries. 
-He smiles really big when we see something that he knows really excites me or makes me happy. Like Christmas stuff. 
-He will probably read this post and want to kill me, but then just laugh about it and say, "whatever" because he really doesn't care what people think about him. He is so stinking real and honest.

Okay, I'll stop there. Now you can go and gag and laugh at me and call me cheesy... but whatever! You know you like it! You should try it... with a spouse, parents, friends, roommate, whoever. It's such a neat thing to do and helps keep your heart where it should be with that person.



The Jacksons! said...

So sweet! I don't think you are cheesy at all. Love is an amazing thing to share with someone! I may steal your note idea!

Kati @ "along for the ryde..." said...

You will be so happy you wrote this post in years to come! =)

Rachel Cox said...

Ok, I stinking loved this post!! So precious J.

What a perfect match you two are. So grateful that I get to sit back and watch God work. :)

and you KNOW I was laughing about his love language being "physical touch." HAAAA!!! Of course, that is ANY man. ;)

Emily said...

Very sweet! Some of your descriptions of Marty remind me of my husband - we sure have been blessed!