Monday, October 11, 2010

my friend brittany vick

God has blessed me with some extraordinary people and friendships in my life. Seriously, when I stop and think about it... I am blown away. From elementary school all the way to friends I've gained just in the recent weeks, I am so blessed.

It's interesting how different friendships work. Some grow so fast and so strong, then just suddenly straight up die. Some last only a few months. Some slowly grow, plateau for a while, then slowly fade. But there are those rare friendships that seem to NEVER die. No matter how long you've gone without speaking, the next time you do, it's like no time passed at all. It's like you just have that special connection that you know can only exist within the realm of God's love. I have many of those, but one of those friends I want to highlight right now is Brittany Vick.

I met Brittany at the beginning of my junior year of high school. She moved here and joined my soccer team, then we ended up having some classes together. Our friendship really only lasted for two years because when we graduated high school we went to different towns for college and it was difficult to ever see each other or even talk for that matter. But within those two years, we grew one of the richest friendships I have ever had. We had similar struggles so we were so able to laugh, cry, talk, pray, and just sit together.

Some of my favorite, most hilarious moments from high school were shared with her. Like...
-The time we opened a tampon and colored the end of it with a red marker and stuck it in Rusty Paulley's backpack during Physics.
-"Coach... what are all these holes!?"
-Vick laying in the grass looking up at the sunset, "Ahhh coach, I just wanna fall in love."
-When she had a seizure on the way to the nurse's office and I was the ONLY ONE in the hall to help her.
-When we roomed together at a soccer tournament and sat in the bathroom with a teammate as she told she thought she was a lesbian and had NO IDEA what to say!
-Going to talk to Mr. Wendall (an old, awkward, weird English teacher with a big pop belly) and falling over our crutches, pushing the podium into his belly, leaving him trapped with the most confused look EVER on his face.
-Trying to teach her how to drive... "okay now break..... break.... break!!... BREAK!!!!"
-"Jesus loves stupid people." ..."Yeah, well he doesn't love mean people!"

And then there were some other, not-so-funny, hard moments that we shared. I think it was the combination of the intensity of our laughter and sorrows that really built us up in each other.

And now... I am so proud to say that she is living in Nicaragua serving God and the people there. I'm not sure when I'll see her again but I know that no matter what, she will ALWAYS be considered a great friend.

Click here to see her blog and follow her journey, praying for her every time you remember her.

A few pics of our past... crazy that most of these were FIVE years ago! Before either of us started wearing make up or dressing up, ha.


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Brittany Vick said...

O my gosh. I don't even know what to say. Well I know we haven't really kept in touch all that great ... i mean you are MARRIED? What?? But I do stalk your blog and facebook all the time, because I always love to see what you have to say. But when I went to your blog to tonight and saw my name, I thought I was in my blog for a second. And then I kept reading, tears running down my cheecks (you know how sensitive I can be lol). Anywhoo, I love you, I miss you, and I do think about you on a regular basis. All those memories made me laugh, especially the one when I fell on Mr. Wendell in front of the WHOLE English class. Do you have skype? We MUST skype soon!!!