Wednesday, November 17, 2010

i don't want to forget this night

Tonight is one of those nights that most would not want to remember, but it's one that I don't want to forget.

Disclaimer: I wouldn't say I am a perfectionist... but I'm close. I can't stand just doing "good" on something that I know I can do great on. I like to do my best. Always. I believe in putting all my effort into whatever I'm doing and I can't stand just doing something half-way.

When it comes to our Wednesday night youth services, this same idea applies. In no way do I think the services are about us and how good we do. I know that it is ALL about the Father and HIS glory, but I feel that we should do our part in making sure our best effort is put forth in serving him. I like to be more than prepared in every aspect... the music, video/audio, set-up, my talk, etc. I go over things twice to make sure it's all prepared. The majority of the time things go really well. I work with a GREAT team of friends who are SO faithful to make sure they do their part. Our band is phenomenal and they have huge hearts for serving the Lord. But, of course, we are humans with human flaws and sometimes things just don't go right.

Tonight was one of those nights.

Let me just recap the night.

Starting at 5:00 the band practiced a run-through of the songs. Again, our band is TOP NOTCH but tonight it just was NOT sounding right. I didn't know what exactly was wrong because I am musically dumb but I knew something was wrong. This was frustrating and the practice took a lot longer than normal so we didn't really have time to address the issue. The band was just going to have to play and hope it sounded better in the real deal.

I did the welcome and then we were starting the night with the music. The band started to play and NOTHING was right! The mix was awful. Instruments were turned WAY down and one of our lead singer's mic was straight up dead. HOW does this happen in the 15 min between practice and real deal?? I have no idea!

So our worship leader had to put his guitar down and leave the stage to try to figure out what was going on. In the meantime, I ran back on stage to kind of kill time and help kill the awkwardness. As I walked across the stage, my foot got tangled in a mic cord and I sent a mic crashing to the ground. If the students weren't distracted yet, they sure were now!

So then I tried, very horribly, to entertain for a few minutes. Pat (the lead guy) came back and attempted to somehow start over with grace.

They just straight up skipped the first song because by this time we had wasted almost 5 minutes. They just started with the second song, but the mics were WAY DOWN and nobody could hear the voices. AND the guys forgot to turn the screen on so the words weren't up. In the meantime I was trying frantically to find the remote to the projector to get the screen on, but I don't normally do that so I had NO IDEA where it was. I got the screen on then realized the computer wasn't in presentation mode. I tried FOR-EVER to figure out how to put it in presentation mode. No luck. So here I go having to walk ON STAGE and interrupt the lead singer so he could come fix his computer.

And there I was, trying to entertain again. AWKWARD.

So the band patiently finished with 2 more songs and I just prayed for no more distractions. Guess God laughed when I prayed that because he sure knew that I hadn't even SEEN the beginning of distractions for the night.

From that point on it was DISTRACTION AFTER DISTRACTION! The whole time during my message people kept walking in and out of the room. We got interrupted because someone needed a car moved. A guy came in and had to "talk to" our sound guy in the south booth which is RIGHT NEXT TO THE STAGE! Needless to say, all eyes were on them. And things like this OVER. AND. OVER. AND. OVER. AND. OVER!!

I was so frustrated!!! I coudln't even focus. I just had to stop in the middle of my message and gain some composure. I don't know how I got through it other than the fact that I KNOW my friends were praying me through.

It was seriously like Satan was ALL UP IN THAT SERVICE trying to do EVERYTHING he could to hinder us. And he came close. But one thing He forgot is that God is SO MUCH BIGGER and when God wants his name praised and his truth taught, he'll get it. Regardless.

And he showed up tonight. Truth was taught. The Holy Spirit worked. And that's ALL that matters about tonight. I got to pray with quite a few students who were very convicted by the Word tonight. I got to talk to a few who just really needed some comfort.

Satan could test us by letting EVERYTHING go wrong by human standards, but he could NOT touch God's work! I needed that reminder. We didn't need ANYTHING but Truth to have a worship service. Let that be a gentle, or not so gentle reminder, that God DOES NOT NEED US to have His work done! He DOES NOT need our talents, our efforts, or even our best. He demands them. He wants them. But He sure doesn't need them. It's ALL ABOUT HIM and what HE can do and what HE has to say.



Addie Bender said...

I am really surprised that you did not say, "And there were several girls that cried." :) haha I love you so much, Jordan!

Steve Finnell said...

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