Tuesday, November 16, 2010

over a week behind!

I've been such a bad blogger this past week! Sorry!

Last week was one crazy week. It was filled with activity, emotion, exhaustion, and LOTS of prayer. I'm thankful for the growth that came of last week, but glad it's over.

Although I didn't blog, I did still write down a list of thankfuls each day. In this list I'll just catch up the past 8...9 days!

-Scented candles. They're so soothing.
-Trees. Think about ALL the ways trees serve us... breath, food, shade, shelter, paper, not to mention giving us a GORGEOUS view this time of year!
-Socks. Last week my feet were FREEZING.
-My ability to hear. I take this one for granted WAY TOO OFTEN.
-Lotion. This girl gets ASHY in the wintertime!
-Teeth. Yep, teeth.
-A bed. I was tired.

But the thing I am most thankful for coming out of last week is rest.


Just reading that word makes some people long. Some of you reading this have no idea what that word means anymore. That's so sad to me. But, I've been there. Last week, I was there.

This past weekend I was able to just rest and catch up with life. It was so good.

I read Hebrews 4 Saturday morning about 6 times... it's kind of deep and when you're simple-minded like me, it takes a few reads to really get it. But once I did, DANG... it spoke! And I just prayed and let it soak in for about an hour. Then Marty and I went to Mt. Nebo. Some friends of ours were getting engaged and the guy had asked me to come take pictures. These two are very special to me. Kyle and I have been friends for almost 14 years now and Becca and I met when she came to Conway for college. She's in the bible study I lead and I have grown to LOVE HER! So this was a huge honor to do this for them.

Marty and I went about an hour ahead of them so we could kind of scope out the area and find the best hiding place. We were able to spend a little bit of time beforehand just looking the absolutely BREATHTAKING display of fall foliage. Seriously, it was gorgeous. (Marty makes fun of me and calls me a grandma because I absolutely love to look at nature. I love just driving and looking at the trees.)

 Then it was time for the proposal. I had a really big zoom lens on my camera so I was about 60 yards away hiding up in some trees. It was difficult to get good pics, but I think they turned out just right! It was such a beautiful, perfect moment. And I'm so happy for them!

This was our view while driving up the mountain. I was driving so it was hard to take good pics but I had to at least capture a few. 

I wish I could post all the pics I took like this. It was so amazing. This might be my new favorite place.

"Becca... will you marry me?" 

I think it's safe to say she said, "Yes!" Ha.

She couldn't stop looking at the ring!

Congrats, Kyle and Becca!!!

Now that I have caught up with myself, I vow to be more faithful with this thing. Afterall, the holidays are upon us! I can't let this stuff pass without recording it!

Have a blessed day!


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Becca Warren said...

Just so you know, you taking pictures there was and is part of the magic. Now every time I get on facebook or check my blogroll I get to relive the moment! Thanks so much, again!