Wednesday, November 3, 2010

salted caramel hot chocolate

So, I'm posting this on Wednesday, the 3rd but I really wrote it on the 2nd. Just forgot to publish it!

Last night was not a fun night at our home. We had to deal with something that is very very difficult, painful, tiring, and just plain filled with brokenness. Marty and I both stayed up way later than we usually do and I don't know that either of us got much sleep.

Some days you just have to wake up and thank God that you did and trust He'll pull you through the day. That's how today was. I woke up with such a burden on my heart. I was exhausted in EVERY aspect. But I came to work, I sought the Lord, and He provided.

Throughout the day I noticed a number of things I was thankful for, but I found it difficult to have the true heart of thanksgiving that I should. Yes, I was thankful but I wasn't FULL of thanks. Not until I stopped and opened my bible and spent a few minutes in the Word, just letting Him speak to me and strengthen me. In that time I realized that He was the one holding my up, keeping my eyes open, making my lungs breathe, keeping my heart beating. I know He does those things for me daily, but on a day when I was just straight up WORN OUT, it was even more obvious.

From that point on, my cup of thanksgiving just seemed to be overflowing.

Today I am thankful for...

-My teachers. From Kindergarten all the way through my college professors. I had GREAT ones who challenged me, shaped me, molded me, had patience with me, and most of all, loved me.

-My Sunday school teachers. Man... how often do THEY go unthanked? I sat down today and wrote out a handful of cards to past Sunday school teachers just thanking them for their time and love that they poured into my life.

-Friends who are mindful to call or text the next day just to check on you after you had a rough night.

-Brian Ratliff always bringing/making food for us up here at the office. When I get fat, it's all on him.

-Bright colors that fill my office and bring me inevitable cheer on discouraging days.

-Chad and Natalie Hogan who brought dinner to us tonight just because they wanted to. I LOVE THEM!

-Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate from Starbucks. It was my first time to have one... OH MY WORD! Soooo good.

-But.... even more than that, the thing I am MOST thankful for today is the opportunities to just sit down, chill out, talk, and rest. Tonight after dinner we decided to take advantage of the somewhat Christmassy feeling weather and we went on a little Starbucks date. He ordered the Thanksgiving Mix coffee (YUCK!) and I got the chocolate. We just sat and talked for about an hour. And it. was. great. JUST what we needed after just a draining night.

Oh, and I'm thankful for that ring on his hand, so that everyone knows he's MINE! ;) 


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