Wednesday, November 3, 2010

wednesdays are my favorite

I love Wednesdays because of one simple reason: I get to see my youth kids! Wednesday nights are the best!

This was a good Wednesday.

On this Wednesday I am particularly thankful for...

This stuff got me through the day:

I love me some purple Gatorade rain! No matter how I'm feeling, this ALWAYS makes me feel better. I drank two bottles today!

I know this one seems REALLY random. But today it hit me, I am SO THANKFUL my office chair has wheels on it! I have a fridge in my office and I am constantly going to it. I have learned the perfect way to push off with just enough force to roll me from my desk to my fridge in just one kick. It's quite convenient and today I just realized without those five wheels, I'd be getting up an awful lot. So I'm thankful for them.

Okay, okay... those make me seem REALLY shallow, I know. But, I'm thankful for good, spiritual things, too! It's ok to be thankful for the little every-day things, right? Like medicine. What if we didn't have it? What if we didn't have the ability to create it? That would stink. I wouldn't be getting out of bed today. 

Some other things that just really hit me today:

--Kids in my church. I am so thankful for every little hand that holds mine, every little set of feet that run up to me and little set of arms that wrap so tight around my waste. I'm thankful for the way they love me, the way they look at me, the cute way they talk, the excitement they get when they see me. They make me feel so loved and I LOVE them!

--A heater in my house. Tonight when I came home it was FREEZING COLD in here, and all I had to do was simply walk to the thermostat and turn it up. What a blessing.

--Shampoo. Soap. Facewash. Hand sanitizer. I am obsessed with being clean. I hate being dirty. I take the fact that I CAN be clean for granted WAY TOO OFTEN.

Of course, there are more, but those are the main ones today. 


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