Sunday, November 7, 2010

weekend thanks!

Friday's thankfulness was very simple: CHRISTMAS TREES!

I didn't want to put my tree up TOO early this year because I really wanted the moment to be just right and I didn't want to look back on it later and wish I would have waited for a more special time. This is our first Christmas so we had to make sure everything was just right. I had planned to do this a few weekends ago, but it was like 80 something degrees outside. No thanks. I gotta have the Christmas feel!

This weekend we had plans to go to Oklahoma with a whole bunch of friends, but those plans didn't work out when I found out I had a luncheon to attend after church Sunday morning. So we stayed behind. We were bummed, but decided to make the best of the weekend anyway. And how else to make the BEST of a weekend? The weather was cold, the mood was right... it was time! (Plus, I have been ITCHING to put this thing up. I think I would have gone crazy if I waited one more day.)

SO Friday while Marty was still at work I ventured out to find us our new Christmas tree. I had a six footer already, but my grandma was wanting a smaller one and I was wanting one a little bigger, so we gave her ours and she bought us our first tree. I'm so thankful!

That night I made dinner (spaghetti) and then the festivities began! What we thought was going to be pretty simple actually turned out to be pretty complicated. Our humble home is pretty small! The bedrooms are very large but the living room is TINY! Needless to say, we had to basically rearrange the entire house to get our tree to fit. But by golly, that big seven footer was going to fit! Now, when I say we rearranged the entire house, I am so serious. There are now tables, lamps, paintings, etc. that don't really GO where we have them now. We had to MAKE some things fit. It looks a little funny in some places, but hey, it's ALL WORTH IT for that tree!

Here he is... opening our tree for the very first time! (The box was a lot bigger than it looks in this pic.)

He was a really good sport the whole way through. He enjoyed every part except the fluffing part. He tried... but he needs a little more practice. I'm sure he'll get plenty of that in the coming years!

Is there ANY joy like the joy of putting the Christmas tree up???

There she is! Not quite complete. We still have to get a tree topper, a new tree skirt that matches our new living room, and a few other things to make it pretty. I wanted to put more ornaments on (I had 2 more boxes full) but  Marty thought we should stop there. I submitted.... for now.

After moving around the ENTIRE LIVING ROOM, this is where we finally decided the tree had to go. It's a little big for our humble home, but that's ok. We love it! Oh, and notice my Willow Tree nativity scene? I LOVE IT! I got that as a wedding gift from the Staff. It's so pretty. 

I LOVE THIS! This is the "S" ornament Lynzie got me for one of my showers. We almost forgot to put it on the tree! It's right smack in the center.

This was our best attempt at getting a pic of us in front of the tree with the self timer.

So Friday... I was simply thankful for Christmas trees. For the joy they bring. The peace they resemble. The gifts they bear. The memories they hold.

Saturday we spent the day in LR doing a little Christmas shopping! I also needed some CLOTHES! If you know me at all, you know this is a huge ordeal. Finding clothes (that don't have butterflies, peace signs, and hearts & ruffles) to fit me is DIFFICULT. I  love Target and Old Navy in the summertime because they have XS in most stuff. However, for some reason their winter clothes run way bigger and their XS stuff is even way too big. SO, we went to the mall.

Here's my hott driver. :)

Had to pay a little more than I would ever want to pay for clothes BUT they fit, don't have hearts, and they'll probably last a lot longer anyway. (I hate spending a lot of money of stuff like this.)

So Saturday... I was simply thankful for clothes. For the means to buy clothes. For the clothes I have that fit me. Even for the ones that don't fit just right. Just the fact that I have an abundance. WAY MORE than enough. It's ridiculous, really.

That's about it for Friday and Saturday!


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