Thursday, December 23, 2010

a favorite christmas tradition

I love love LOVE Christmas traditions! I think they are so much fun and just have such a way of bringing everyone together.

One of my absolute favorite traditions that we do is Silver Dollar City. Ever since we were first able to talk my grandparents have taken us to Branson a weekend or two before Christmas, and this always includes going to see the lights at Silver Dollar City.

This year we hadn't really talked about it yet, and I wasn't sure if we would go. Granddaddy has been sick with Alzheimer's for the last few years and every year he gets a little worse. I wasn't sure if he'd be able to handle it or not, but I thought I'd ask. I mentioned it to Meemaw and it turned out they were up for it!

We got up bright and early and picked up my sister and grandparents at 8:00 then headed to meet my aunt and uncle and cousins who were already up there.

That was a really bad attempt to get us all in a pic. My biggo head is covering up Meemaw. 

I think the car  ride up there was probably my favorite part! We had such a great time listening to Christmas music and just talking. We talked about everything and teased Meemaw the entire 3 hours. She picked up the nickname, "Josphephine" in the course of a baby names conversation, which I think will stick with her for the rest of my life! 

Once we got to Branson we met up with the Joneses and all went to the landing for about 2 hours to eat and hit up Bass Pro! Then we were off to SDC.

This picture is a tradition in itself. Meemaw and Granddaddy bought this Cowboys coats MANY years ago and only wear them once a year-- when we go to SDC at Christmastime. They were so cute! If you notice Granddaddy's glasses, he put them on OVER his toboggan. It was so funny. He can't speak much anymore, but when he put them on he tapped me on the shoulder and had the biggest smile on his face, pointed at his glasses and said, "Cool! Cool!" Ha! It was great.

This is our whole crew! This was right at the front of the park.

Granddaddy with his two oldest! We have so many pictures just like this of me and Caitlin from ALL ages. It's so much fun to look at all of them.

This became our favorite tree once it got dark. The blue lights were piercing, but they were just beautiful!

Uncle Arch and Aunt Candy in front of the blue tree.

The whole place is just absolutely beautiful at night. Lights are EVERYWHERE!! The moon was showing its face that night, too!

We all waited right by the tree for about 15 minutes before they had the lighting. We stopped to get a quick pic of the grandkids with M&G. 

The lighting of the tree, like always, was just wonderful!  They told the real Christmas story then played different Christmas Carols while the tree did gave us a little light show!

I was so glad Marty got to go this year! He had to work last year. It was great having him with us for the first time. I hope this is a tradition he and I can continue to do with our kids!


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