Thursday, December 2, 2010

junior doggett

There is a very special man in my life named Junior Doggett.

He is a 90-something year-old man who has been a member of my church for a while. His wife died of cancer a few years ago and ever since I have made quite a few visits to see him to just talk, take him cookies, and give him a little company. He just loves it and always tells me, "Honey, you're a blessing." It's precious. But what he doesn't know is that every time I go, I'm the one receiving the blessing. Big time.

This man is a living history book. His story is absolutely incredible and one that I would sit down and listen to 900 times. (I'm getting close to that number, btw) He has been everywhere, seen everything, done everything. He's so cool! But the thing I love the most about this man is the way he loved and still loves his wife. It's so refreshing and seriously leaves me emotional every time I leave his house. That man was absolutely head over heels in LOVE with that woman! All he talks about is, "My wife did this, my wife made that, my wife use to... my wife always said..." They were married 60 something years before she passed away. I never got a chance to know his wife, but I sure wish I would have just by what he has told me about her. According to him, she was the smartest, craftiest, handiest, sweetest, wisest woman in the world.

I want to love my husband the way Junior Doggett loved/s his wife. I want to be able to look back 60 years from now, telling our story, and leave absolutely no room for doubt in anyone's mind that I have been his biggest cheerleader.

Of course it might seem like it's easy for me to just write that, but really it's not. It's hard. Very hard. Because I know that he will read this. And I know that I do not always act like his biggest fan and I am not always as encouraging and respectful as I should be. But I want to be better. I strive to be better.

Today I went to his house to decorate his Christmas tree for him. I took one of my youth girls, Madelyn Crawley, with me because she homeschools and is available during the day, and I love to take students with me to do these types of things. I think that's the greatest time of discipleship! He loved it, we loved it... it was a blast!

I never leave his house without him saying, "I love ya, hun!" And let me just say, I love him too! 


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