Monday, January 31, 2011

Birthday Weekend!

Have you ever had a REALLY good weekend? I just did. This weekend was FAN-tastic.

Friday was Marty's birthday. This is my first "husband's birthday" so for a long time I was really trying to plan ways to make it extra special and meet all my "good wife" duties for this day.

I woke up extra early that morning and made him a whole batch of his favorite cinnamon rolls. (This is a big deal because Fridays are my day off so I always sleep in as late as I can. Especially right now during the oh so sleepy prego stage.) Then I put candles in each of the cinnamon rolls and went into our bedroom and woke him by singing "Happy Birthday" in the dark candle-lit room.

Okay, not really. See, that was my PLAN. But the night before one of his coworkers told me not to let Marty eat breakfast because she was going to surprise him and bring him a whole box of do-nuts to work. I hadn't yet bought the cinnamon rolls, and I definitely didn't want to ruin this girl's blessing. Nor did I want my husband on a do-nut overload. So I decided to skip that part.

And not only did I not make him breakfast, but I didn't even wake up! I wanted to! I had every intention to. But when his alarm went off, my morning sickness was full blast, my head was hurting, my body was tired... and, well, I just plain didn't get up. I did wake up enough to say, "Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great day. Love you!"

But it's okay I made up for it at lunch. I took him out to eat at Holly's... his favorite lunch spot in town.

Yeah, that one didn't work out either. Remember the morning sickness? It was still there. Bad. So I fixed some lasagna we had in the freezer and thought a nice lunch at home would be just as good... right??? It was disgusting. I had sent Marty on a grocery run a while back and he picked up a different kind of lasagna than what I usually get. I was skeptical but thought it couldn't be that bad. It was. THAT bad.

Happy birthday, Husband! We're off to a great start so far! Ha.

But it's okay because that night I picked him up from work and surprised him with a night out doing all his favorite things.

...Again, didn't happen.

I picked him up right at 5:00 and we headed straight to Greenbrier to watch some of the youth girls on homecoming court. His ideal night!

Okay so the actual DAY of his birth didn't go quite like I had planned, but it was still great!! We left homecoming early and went to eat (for free, thanks Mom!) at one of his favorite places. He got a New York strip that he's been wanting for months!

Then we came home and I let him open his presents. Finally.
(How mean is that to make him wait until 9:00 at night to open presents???)

We both agreed that our present giving this year would have to be way small considering we're trying to save every penny for our little one! So I had to get creative.

This was the result:

Have to incorporate something baby in every holiday now!

Remember Nintendo 64?? I found one at Game Exchange and got 2 controllers and a few games. Here he's playing Mario Kart. He loved it. I think I did ok. ;) Neither of us are gamers, but it's just something fun to do together! We've had a blast so far!

We went to sleep early Friday night (again, preggo sick tired woman couldn't handle all that birthdaying). 

Saturday we woke up to an almost 80 degree day and let me tell you, we played! We drove around just for the sake of driving around with the sunroof open. We did some down-town thrift store shopping, just for the sake of walking around down town. We took my grandparents' dog for a walk. He worked out. I took a nap. 

Then we got ready and had a fun birthday celebration night with some GREAT friends! We ate some habachi and went bowling with these beautiful people:

It was so much fun! Seems like it's been SO LONG since we've just had a night to hang out with a big group of friends like that. I guess that's what happens when you get married. We missed a lot of our friends who were in Oklahoma for the weekend!

After bowling we went back home and Marty had his two best friends over for some guitar picking and N64ing. I went to bed. :)

(Oh, and let me just add here that one of his friends lives in Hot Springs and they haven't seen each other since our wedding, so I invited him to come and stay at our house that night. He was our first official house guest. I think that gives me at least 50 wife points right there!)

Overall, GREAT weekend.

I'm very thankful that God allowed this boy to be born 23 years ago! I sure love him!



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