Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pregnancy Progress

I am now 8 weeks pregnant and a LOT has changed since last time I updated! At least, I think it's a lot. It's crazy how fast this little thing is growing right now! It's like every day he/she is developing new something. I love it. I've tried not to be TOO obsessive with it because I know I still need to focus on life. But dang, it's exciting!

This week Baby Summers...

  • Is now the size of a kidney bean! 
  • The little tail thing is almost gone.
  • Eyelids are formed.
  • Arms and legs are growing longer and webbed fingers and toes are forming.
  • Brain is growing like crazy.
  • Nerve cells are starting to connect and communicate. 

This week Mommy...

  • Has been SICK. It's yucky. I feel like I have a constant virus. The only time I'm okay is right after I've eaten a pretty good amount of food. But that only lasts about 20 minutes... then I'm sick again.
  • Has had to come to work late a number of times already.
  • Hungry and sleepy is my CONSTANT state of being.
  • Has eaten more pizza in the last two weeks than in my life. Craving it. Every day. It's the only thing that sounds good.
  • Oh, and chocolate ice cream. I'm on my third gallon. :)
  • Also got a craving for strawberry shortcake. So I've had that a few times.
  • But don't worry, I'm still eating TONS of fruit every day. Seriously, we go to the grocery store about every other day to stock up on more fruit.
  • Is definitely growing. Everyone said I'd grow really fast because I'm so small, but I wasn't expecting this fast!
  • Hips are widening.
  • Jeans are fitting a lot tighter.
  • Belly has a little bit of a pudge for the first time ever.
  • I'm not gonna lie... the whole body changing part is kind of weird. I've always been really small so seeing my body start to grow is somewhat freaking me out. But I know it's a good thing! There's just that part in every girl that has a minor freak out when the jeans start tightening and the belly starts showing!
  • Can't sleep at night! I am SO tired and I go to sleep around 10:00 but I wake up again at midnight. Usually to pee. Then I'm wide awake. I'll fall back asleep around 1:30 or 2 and wake up around 4. EVERY morning. It's driving me crazy.
  • Can't get comfortable either.

I'm definitely learning that there are some parts of pregnancy in which you thrive and others in which you merely survive. Right now, I am in survival mode. But I love it. I feel like I'm fighting a tough battle for a prize that's so worth it.

The other day I was getting ready for work and I was just thinking about the baby and what all was going on in my body and it just hit me. I am a mom. I have a kid... MY KID... growing inside me. And this kid is going to be mine to teach, to disciple, to love, to take to the park, to dress, to sing to, to play with, to color with... this is my kid. It just overwhelmed me. I didn't cry a whole lot but I was just overwhelmed by how much I already love this baby. I feel like these have been the slowest few weeks of my LIFE. I just want him/her to be here so bad. I can't wait!

I am so blessed to just have experienced pregnancy as much as I have so far. I know some women have never even gotten to this point, and that breaks my heart. I know that it is still so early and so many things could go wrong, but whatever happens, this is my child. And I love this child. And I am so thankful for this experience. 



Jessica's Journey said...

Just wait....The lack of sleep and the trouble getting comfortable gets worse! Ha!
I was up at 3:45 this morning and never went back to sleep.
When do we get to see belly shots?

Jordan Morgan Summers said...

I guess I could put some up now... but right now it just looks like a little roll of chub! Ha.