Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day!

This snow day came at JUST the right time. I have been SO tired. And Marty and I really haven't had much time to ourselves since before the holidays. So we really enjoyed today!

Marty was so cute last night when it started snowing. He stood at the window like a child counting every single flake he saw. He'd say things like, "There's one! Yep! Another one! Another! It's really snowing!" Once the flakes started really falling, we just knew we'd have a day off. And we sure did!

I was s.i.c.k. this morning when we first woke up. No matter what I did I felt like I was going to puke any minute. So we laid on the couch and watched three straight hours of CSI. I know that sounds ridiculous, but it was so nice to not have to do anything else.

Around noon I finally started feeling a little better so we got up and ate some lunch and by the time we finished eating we were antsy! I was really craving some snow ice cream, but we didn't have any vanilla. We were itching to get out of the house so we made a Kroger run for some vanilla!

We came back and walked around in the snow for a few minutes. Any other time I would be out playing it ALL day. But I was trying to be wise this time. I ALWAYS get the flu around this time of year so I really didn't want to risk getting sick. So we just threw a couple of snowballs, walked down the street, took a few pics, and we were done. We came back in and whipped up some ice cream and watched a movie.

Then I fixed some supper while he worked out and now we're sitting down about to watch the BCS Championship game! Typing it all out sure sounds like a lazy day... but that's exactly what it was! And I loved it!

Happy Snow Day!


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Kati @ "along for the ryde..." said...

Doesn't sound like a lame day at all..I KNOW ya'll {esp. you} enjoyed it!