Monday, January 17, 2011

A VERY Sexy Prank.

Yesterday I was teaching the 7th and 8th grade girls class and it was time for the inevitable... the sex talk.

I figure the only way to handle it is to just be completely blunt and open. No poking at it with a straw. No beating around the bush. No sugar coating. Let's just be real. Let's talk.

So... that's what I did.

But not without a few giggles, wide eyes, red faces, and plugged ears. It was great.

I told the girls I wanted to just get it out there and get all the weirdness and awkwardness out of the way so that we could just be really open and talk about what we ALL know is going on in their worlds.

So after I talked for a few minutes and got their faces nice and red, we went around in a circle and I made them all say the word "sex" out loud without smiling while they said it. Haha! Let me tell you... it. was. HYSTERICAL! Then I bumped it up a notch. Now they had to all go around and say, out loud, the one word they hate the most concerning the whole topic of sex and puberty and all that jazz. Oh. My. Word. Even I got embarrassed on that one!

But after it was all said and done, I felt the activity was really effective. They were a lot more comfortable and loosened up a WHOLE lot. Now I think it may not be SO bad next time I bring it up.

But of course, the girls still thought it was just torture. So they decided to get me back.

I walked into my office and found little pieces of paper with the word "sex" written on them ALL over my office. I'm talking on my monitor, on my chair, covering my desk, on my walls, on my pictures... I busted out laughing.

This one was my favorite.

And they left this little note in the middle of it all...

Needless to say, my office was very sexy this morning.

And just some advice... if someone ever attacks YOUR office with sex, take it down as soon as you see it. I should have. But I didn't feel like it. And then I had a REALLY awkward moment when a guy came into my office and I got really embarrassed and said, "Sorry about all the sex in here."

Didn't mean to say that.



Morgan Paige said...

hahahahahaha LOVE it.
i can totally see my 8th grade discipleship girls doing something like that to me. love those middle schoolers

Katie Hansen said...

I love the part where you said you were just going to be blunt about it! and the banana is just wrong...

Emily said...

"Sorry about all the sex in here."


HaleeBurch said...

that's very funny! Dr. New made us do that in human sexuality, it really helped me, but there were several that even after a whole semester still cringed every time they went to class.