Saturday, January 1, 2011

whatever's in front of me...

There's something so refreshing about the turn of a new year.

I've never been one to really get into writing new years resolutions because 1- I usually just write them out of obligation of needing a new years resolution, therefore I don't really care that much about them, therefore they rarely ever stick and 2- I pretty much spend the entire year writing resolutions for myself so when Jan 1 rolls around, I feel like I've already used up all the good ones!

However, there is still something brand new. Life is so often measured and remembered in terms of years. I can look back on my life and tell you which years were the worst, best, happiest, saddest, slowest, fastest, most exciting, most uneventful, etc. So I every time Dec. 31 rolls around and I know I'm looking a brand new year in the face, I can't help but wonder what it will bring.

Will this be a year of hard-learned lessons? Or major success? Will I remember the vast amounts of joy and happiness or will I look back and remember heartache? Will new people enter my life? Will major changes happen? 

Marty and I brought in our new year with some great friends!

Of course we had to ring in the new year with the traditional sparking grape juice!

We spent the evening just eating, playing games, hanging out... and I was fighting to stay awake. This old woman goes to bed EARLY these days! I almost drifted off a few times, but I made it!

As we went home, these thoughts and questions began entering my mind as I anticipated what 2011 would bring. I have no idea what exactly is to come. It may be another 2005 for me... one filled with much brokenness. Or it may be a 2010... one filled with MANY many many great changes! But whatever it is, whatever comes, whatever happens, whatever's in front of me... I want to totally and completely embrace it. I want to take it as an opportunity to grow in my love, my faith, my courage, and my character.

There is a song by Bethany Dillon that says it perfectly...
"Whatever's in front of me, I'll choose to sing Hallelujah."

This is my prayer for 2011.

Whatever's in front of me, Lord, help me to sing Hallelujah. 

[Christmas posts coming soon!]


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Paige said...

That has been my theme for the last year! Glad you guys had a fun night!