Monday, February 7, 2011

10 1/2 Weeks

Today I am 10.5 weeks pregnant. On one hand I can't believe it's already been five weeks since we announced it, but at the same time I feel like I've been pregnant for months already! This whole waiting 9 months thing is definitely going to strengthen my patience. I am NOT good at waiting. But wait I must...

This week's progress:

Baby Summers...
  • Has doubled in size since week 8. S/He is now a little over an inch long and weighs just under a quarter of an ounce.
  • Is now considered a full-out fetus.
  • Is swallowing fluid.
  • Is kicking up a storm! Although I can't feel it, it's cool to know it's happening!
  • Has fully formed fingers and toes (no more webbing!) with nails growing on them! That's so cool to think about!
  • Is beginning to grow peach fuzz hair on his/her skin.
  • Can now bend his/her limbs!
Momma Summers...

  • Is finally feeling a little better! Still having the hot flashes and the episodes of "I'm gonna puke" but not near as often or as long.
  • Is still eating a ton! Pizza, chocolate ice cream, tons of fruit (except for bananas now... I got sick of those), and of course some healthy stuff thrown in there.
  • Is SLEEEEEPY. Even more than before. 
  • Is beginning to have shortness of breath. At first I thought something was wrong, but then I found out it's just another normal symptom. I notice it most when I'm speaking on Wed. nights... I never ever lose my breath speaking but the last couple of weeks I've really had to pause and take drinks. Weird.
  • The little pooch is becoming slightly more visible. One of the girls noticed it Wed. night. I wasn't sure how I felt about that... but I just keep remembering it's not chub, it's my kid!
  • Has started getting headaches. Doc said to expect it because of so many hormone changes. But it's no fun.



Heather said...

Jordan- I love your baby updates! Still so excited for you! I am really sorry about your headaches! I have struggled with chronic migraines from my (crazy) hormones (pregnant or not) for years and they are my "thorn in the flesh." I know how hard it is to try to live life when your head is exploding like a volcano. So I will be praying for you. Your Dr. probably mentioned this but a lot of times the hormones settle down after the first trimester or so and the headaches can get better! Let it be, Lord! :)

Joanna Allen said...

So exciting!!