Friday, February 4, 2011

Love is...

Every Thursday night I lead the college girls bible study.

(Here we are back in September when we just got rolling for the new year. Love all these girls!)

This semester I'm taking very familiar passages that we all grew up reading, hearing, and quoting... the ones that have become someone cliche or overlooked because of their popularity. And we're diving deep into these passages and looking at them in a whole new light, hopefully allowing them to become something brand new to our hearts.

I started last week with Ecclesiastes 3 (There is a time and season for everything) and this week we looked at 1 Corinthians 13... the love chapter.

After going over the study of what that passage is really talking about, we had a little activity. I asked all the girls to think of someone in their life who has just been a great example of that kind of real, Godly love. Then we got out the cricut machines and made Valentine's Day cards for those people. (Lots of these girls are the anti Vday type girls who want to wear all black that day and boycott... so I tried to make it about more than romantic love.)

I always forget to take pics at bible study, so I grabbed my phone and snapped a few!


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