Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Don't You Hate It When...

I love lists. I used to blog random lists all the time in high school and they're so much fun to look back on. I've been keeping random lists as they occur to me on my phone and I thought I'd  start posting them again.

Don't you hate it when...

  • You finally find a comfortable position to sleep in and start slowly drifting off when suddenly, you have to pee.
  • You order a burger or sandwhich and don't realize until AFTER you've taken the first big bite that they put onions (or whatever you did NOT ask for) on it.
  • You wake up 30 minutes before your alarm and spend the rest of the day mourning the loss of those 30 minutes of sleep.
  • Your phone autocorrects something for you and you have to retype it & fight the autocorrect like 4 times before you finally get it.
  • You pour a big bowl of cereal only to find there's no milk.
  • You randomly choke on absolutely nothing but your own spit and you can't stop coughing and your face is bright red and everyone thinks you're crazy.
  • You're eating a chip and a piece of it stabs your gums.
  • You find a really cool pair of sunglasses and try them on but can't really see what they'd look like because of that big stupid thing plastic thing right in the middle.
  • You're next in line at the check out when the cashier says, "Sorry. I'm closing." 
  • You get stuck sitting in the left lane waiting for the car in front of you to turn left while the right lane is flying by, almost rubbing it in.
  • You open a fruit cup and the juice goes everywhere.
  • You turn on the radio just as your new favorite song is ending.
  • iTunes can't find the info for a  CD you want to import so you have to type every stinkin track title, artist, album, etc.
  • You spend 20 minutes trying to the stinkin sleeping bag to roll back up.
  • You order something to go and get all the way home before you realize the order was wrong.
  • You put lotion on then can't turn the doorknob.
  • You have absolutely NO idea how to spell a word that you really need to type in a text.
  • You introduce yourself to someone who says, "I know. We've met before."
  • Someone gets you a Christmas/birthday gift and you totally didn't get them one.
  • You say something completely innocent and someone takes it the WRONG way.
  • The one time you really need to just run in and out of the store you see 10 people you know and have to stop and be friendly.
  • You really like someone, and then start following them on Twitter and that totally ruins it for you.
  • You get a snow day... on your already off day.
  • You run into someone you know when you have "girl stuff" in your buggy. 
  • You JUST wash your car and have to drive on a dirty road.

Hope some of these made you smile and say, "YES!!!". And I sure hope I'm not alone on these!


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