Thursday, March 10, 2011

This will move you.

For the last 8 weeks we've had our guys and girls split up for a series. This is a vision I have had for over a year now and I just knew that some awesome things would come from it. The only concern we had when talking about this was whether or not the kids would hate us for splitting up the guys and girls for 8 whole weeks.

Turns out, they LOVED IT! The girls ask me every week if we can please stay separated. I'm not so sure the guys are quite as enthusiastic about that idea. (Ha) But, needless to say, this has been one huge blessing.

Every week I had a table in the back of the room with pens and cards and told the girls to feel free to write whatever they want on the cards as a response to what's going on in their hearts and minds during this series. After 8 weeks, here's a glimpse at what I've received. Praise Him!

Take a look and celebrate His work with me!

“Tonight I’m going to call a friend who ‘doesn’t have time for me anymore' and tell her I’m sorry for acting mean and rude.”

“God has helped me forgive and let go of the past.”

“Last week we talked about baggage in our lives that we need to let go of or it would carry over into our marriages and parenthood. So God really placed a friend on my heart that I need to truly forgive after a broken relationship for 9 months. And God has allowed me to forgive her and our friendship to mend and begin to grow again.”

“There is a group of girls at school that hate me. They spread rumors… nasty rumors about me. So I hang out with guys instead, and they make fun of me for that. But, just because they are mean doesn’t mean every girl is, right?! I will trust girls more.”

“I’m going to have more “me” time and think about what to say to my unforgiven.”

“Last Wednesday, I called a friend who I’d been holding a grudge against for a year. We forgave each other and are now working on a close friendship.”

“I got saved!”

“This series has taught me to save myself and value myself. No matter what I’ve given a boy in the past, I can always move forward!”

“I’m working on letting go of things I don’t need… please pray.”

“After tonight, I will be praying that I will be persistent to change the things I can and to let go of worry about things I can’t change and just laugh about them!”

“After a horrible day Tuesday I wanted to cry. And today wasn’t the best either, but after laughing about my toes and letting some things out I feel like a brand new person.”

“I’ve learned not to focus on the things I can’t change but the things I can. I will change them and like myself for who I am.”

“You don’t really know me… but you saved my life last week… 


For changing my mind. :)”

“I have fallen MORE in love with God! :)”

“I’ve learned to let go of bitterness and forgive friends who have hurt me, and mend broken friendships.”

“For a LONG time I have been very envious of a best friend at church, but I am now learning to be okay with who I am.”

“I’ve been really struggling with not accepting myself, wanting to look like that person, and hating them for that. Cause they had it, and I don’t.”

“I have never experienced a huge, hurtful, long-lasting betrayal, but now I have a bigger burden for those who have.”

“I used to envy YOU, though pretty sure you knew that. I’m over it. :)”

“Lately I’ve really struggled with trust and building walls up in my heart. And I’ve learned that I have to take a risk of trust with some people and not keep walls up.”

“I forgave my friend that hurt me, and talked to my parents about what they went through. I LOVE YOU! Thank you.”

“I’m struggling with my relationship with my dad and I am putting major walls up. I almost didn’t want to live with him anymore and I’m still back and forth. Please pray. By the way, we’ve talked. :) Love ya.”

“I thought he made it worth it all, and I was wrong. I’m putting that in the past and forgiving us both.”

“I need to forgive my best friend. I’ve had a lot of issues… but I’ve been working on it.”

“I forgive my dad for not coming to the emergency room when I was 3 and busted my eyebrow open.”

“I need to forgive a boy for not treating my heart the way he should have. I am going to work sooo much harder at forgiving him, even though I hurt sooo much and so deeply.”

“I am SO thankful for a dad who loves me and takes interest in my life. I have taken that for granted.”

“Thank you.”

“I had felt abandonment like never before when my best friend didn’t want anything to do with me anymore. God brought us back together and has mended the relatoinship and we are closer now than we were before. God is good.”

“Thank you so much for tonight! I loved it & I didn’t want it to end! I definitely could relate to the lesson!"

“I finally realized that I needed the strength to forgive past relationships, and realize I need guidance for my current, and future ones. And IT FEELS GOOD! Now, I’m praying for them too! I’m so blessed to be in this youth group. Thank you.”

“I broke down a castle full of walls between one of my friends and we are “talking” again.”

“For the first time in my life I have felt a lot closer to God and people in my youth group. I’m not alone with my problems. They are going through the same thing. Thank you to everyone.”

“I’m finally letting go of years of verbal, emotional, physical, and sexual abuse. I’ve learned that forgiveness of those who hurt me was so worth the peace of God. It’s not overnight, but he is faithful. He saved me from myself… my bitterness, my lust, my envy.”

“I’ve had an issue with trusting God and his plans for me… I walked out of here, every week, inspired, encouraged and convicted of my screw-ups. It made me feel responsible and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.”

“I need the Lord in my life. I need him every day to show me the right path to take. I have been baptized, but I feel like I need to take some time to reconnect with God. Pray for me to make this strong connection again.”

Thank you for doing this Jordan and everyone that helped. It was such a blessing and I am permanently touched through this!”

“This series has really helped with taking the steps to forgive those who have hurt me or just abandoned me.”

“I have delt with envy. The week you talked about envy was the week I found out the guy I like was going out with someone else. Oh, I envied her. She had him, and I envied her for that. She had something that I didn’t, but then I remembered the week before, I got saved. Then, I felt just like I felt the night I got saved. The best feeling in the world. Hating her for that isn’t worth it. Thank you.”

“These past 7 weeks have made me learn so much about myself. I have been given the strength to let go of unhealthy friends. I have learned to be ok with who I am and I can finally trust people again. I realized that if I’m too afraid to put myself out there then I will be miserable. I love our youth group!”

“God has really placed on my heart since SOAR to begin discipling someone as well as being discipled. This week God gave me someone to disciple and I can’t wait to see the doors He opens!”

“Last week I prayed that I could have a better relationship with my mother and lately we have been hugging and praising each other and we have been having the relationship that we never had.”

“This study has just been such a blessing to me! I mean looking back to the first week I can see how much I’ve grown in Christ and as a person in general. I have really gotten closer to girls I wasn’t even comfortable talking to before. I have learned to be open with others in areas I wasn’t able to before. I just pray I will be able to stay this closer to God even after we are done with this study. I have gotten rid of baggage I didn’t even know I was holding on to!”

“My soul, my soul, magnifies the Lord. My soul magnifies the Lord. He has done great things for me, great things for me!”

“I realized I need to forgive a friend, and trust her again.”

“The I wish stuck with me real hard. My biggest I wish is that I was accepted at church. Now I realize I am.”

“Through this series I have lost a very good friend and I felt VERY betrayed. After we talked in our groups this week it helped me feel more at peace and this has helped me grow closer with TRUE friends.”

“I bawled like a baby. 
But it brought me closer to girls in my youth, and showed me my God can fix the broken.”

“My step-sister turned 18 last week and she left last night and never came back and this talk about forgiving and praying really helped. 
So thanks.”

“I felt God for the very first time! It’s an awesome feeling! 
Thank you so much!”

“I KNOW where to get the strength I need!!!!!!!!!”

Last night, to end our series, I just had a big discussion night. We had 100 chairs set up in a four layered circle and all just gathered together and talked about what's gone on in our hearts and lives through this. I opened the night by reading all of these cards and saying a little something then I opened the floor for the girls to share whatever was on their hearts. They talked. And cried. And talked. And hugged. And smiled. We left there last night with our hearts so full and our minds so ready!

The cool thing about this series with the girls is that for 8 solid weeks I have had no band, no games, no powerpoints, no videos, no cool decorations or logos, no fancy lights... nothing. Just a big, ugly conference room, the bible, and us.

That's all you need.

The Word of God is MORE than enough to bring about healing revival in our lives. I'm so glad the girls are seeing this!

I'm so sad to see this end, but so excited to see the fruit that will be yielded from this time. I'm so in love with these students and so blessed to have a job that allows me to do what I love and am so passionate about!!


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Rebekah said...

these are very serious comments, and i acknowledge that, but i must admit i did laugh when i read the one about forgiving her dad for not coming to the ER when she was 3 and busted her eyebrow open.

it's not funny, but i definitely laughed. {i laugh at inappropriate moments sometimes. forgive me. :) }

i'm hoping this summer we'll break our girls and guys up. God's really put it on my heart to go through this book with the girls. if i had learned the stuff i learned from that book when i was in 7th grade? oh goodness how my life would have been different.

and you are absolutely right. all you need is the Word of God. that's it. i get so frustrated sometimes when we put to much emphasis on those other lesser things. if that makes sense.

thanks for being awesome jordan! :)