Wednesday, March 2, 2011

We made it!!!

It's been a while since I've updated about baby!

But... we've reached a very exciting point in the pregnancy! I am officially 4 months pregnant, which means we made it to the second trimester! 

It's so crazy saying that! I remember when I just found out I was pregnant and I began reading all the "what to expect" things. Everything about the 2nd trimester sounded so wonderful. Sickness decreases, chances of miscarriage greatly decrease... so many books have said this is often the best part of pregnancy. That sounded great to me, but seemed FOREVER away.

Now it's here! And I am so blessed!

The first trimester was so blessed. I did have sickness, but it wasn't near as bad as it could have been. I was still able to work and make all my bible studies. I was able to work out a little bit. I had no complications. No bad pains. No miscarriage scares. No negative reactions (at least that I knew about) from people assuming it was "too soon." Everything pretty much went as well as anyone could expect!

Now that we're in this exciting new stage, my heart is just overflowing. There are so many things to look forward to and start working on.

The Room:

Marty and I are beginning to clear out the baby's room and get ready for him/her! We'll be moving the bed that's in there now to the attic this week and shuffling some stuff around to get ready for a crib and other things!

The baby's room is (accidentally) already painted, which is a relief.
The walls are this color:

When I say accidentally painted, I mean that. The summer we got married we spent months redoing the house. This is the color we painted the extra bedroom. Our idea was for it to be a relaxing room for reading, studying, etc. Well, when got finished it dried a little bit brighter than we expected, plus it's the front room in the house so lots of light enters it. Needless to say, we both said, "Baby Nursery." At the time it was funny because we were thinking we wouldn't be having a nursery for YEARS, but we were so sick of painting that we just left it. Little did we know we were painting our child's room who would be joining us in just over a year! (Crazy to think about!)

So we're sticking with that wall color just to make our lives easier. I think we're going to go with black & white as the main colors and then throw in blue or pink accents. I saw picture's of a friend of a friend's nursery that was just like this and I absolutely loved it. If it's a girl, I most definitely do NOT want to be swimming in pink. :) 

The Sex:
We're getting closer and closer to finding out if it's a boy or a girl! This part has been KILLING me. I want to know so bad. My entire life I have dreamed about having a boy. I've imagined myself with a son and have so looked forward to getting to dress a little boy. But lately my heart has been really softening toward little girls. I know it'll be pretty funny if I have a girl, because I am NOT a girly girl whatsoever. But I think I can handle it. :)

I don't know how people decide not to find out the sex. It would make me go crazy. I am so eager to know! 

The Name:
The name.... this has been a journey. Marty and I are so different in so many aspects of life. Including names. There have been a few we've both agreed on but they weren't names that just really grabbed our attention. The ones we each loved, we couldn't agree on. 

But FINALLY I think we have found a name! I randomly thought of this name a couple months ago and I have so loved it, but he wasn't fond of it. I just kept calling the baby by this particular name and letting it get really comfortable in Marty's ear. He's still been resistant, but I think that's mostly just because he's stubborn.

Today we were talking via text and I called the baby by this name and Marty actually replied with, "That looks real good when you read it." So of course I got super excited and said, "Oh so you like it now????" To which he replied, "I didn't say that. ;)" 

Which means... HE DOES!! I'm really excited. We're going to wait until we reveal to sex to reveal the name, though. Oh, and if you're wondering, it works for both a boy and a girl. But I promise it's not a girly boy name, or a manly girl name. It's just... kinda like Jordan. (Don't judge my name.) 

But, like everything else, this is still likely to change. My mind changes daily on everything else, along with my mood. :)

The Belly:
Okay, so I'm still not really showing. If I wear a thin, single layer shirt you can see what everyone is calling, "The Pudge." But for the most part you still can't tell I'm pregnant. Doc says that's about to change really fast though! 

I still can't decide if I'll do belly pics or not. Maybe I'll post one soon? 

People are definitely starting to touch the belly. This is so weird for me. Because there's not really much of a bump yet, it's like they're just rubbing my stomach. But so many people come up  and say, "Okay so I can't see it yet but I've got to feel it! Oh, I feel the bump!" as they rub their hand back and forth across my stomach. Every time it happens I want to flinch, suck-in, back up about 10 feet. But I'm trying to embrace it. Trying to get comfortable with it. They're not rubbing me. They're rubbing my kid. It's not chub. It's baby. 

It's been a fun, blessed journey! This baby has already been such a gift to us. We look forward to these next few weeks just taking off full speed!

"Every good and perfect gift is from above." 
James 1:17



Dr. A said...

God is awesome. I'm so glad you have arrived at this stage and hope it is as wonderful as it can be. And yes, for those like me who don't touch bellies (cause we still think it is kinda rude), I would love to see a belly pic one of these days!

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Heather said...

You are so funny!! I love reading your posts! Congrats on making it to the first trimester! I actually had my first "regular" yearly checkup with my OB since my sweet Avery Kate was born today! It was weird to be in there and not be pregnant (or wanting to be.) Enjoy this wonderful and blessed time. It is a gift from God, as you know!! :) Can't wait to know the sex and the name!