Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Where have I been???

Wow, it seems like I haven't been on my blog in forever. Spring break happened last week and SO much was packed into that one short week.

  • I did some shopping for myself. I am finally growing out of my clothes. I bought a belly band, a couple of shirts, and about five summer dresses, but no luck on pants.
  • I cleaned out our closets. Right now Marty and I have our clothes in two different room because our house has almost NO closet space. But with Morgan coming, we're going to have to make more room in the extra room for her stuff, so I literally got rid of half of my clothes. I gave them to a couple of friends to use in a garage sale. I can't even tell you how much I got rid of. It made me nervous, but felt so good!
  • I wore an outfit to church Sunday that most definitely showed the bump. MANY people, for the first time, saw it. Everyone was coming up to me and touching me and commenting on it. I'm finally getting more comfortable with that.
  • We had our annual youth retreat! I was so nervous about this. Being pregnant and all, I had no idea how I would survive on cruddy food, no sleep, and 100 teenagers. It was a blast, though! God really taught us some cool stuff and I really formed some great relationships.
  • Our family lost a very dear man. My uncle's father did unexpectedly Friday evening and it was so tragic. My cousin Archie, who is his grandson, was with me on the retreat so I had to tell him and drive him to be with his family. That definitely goes down as one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. We had the funeral for him Monday.
  • Yesterday I was at home in bed all day, sick at my stomach. That's becoming a way-too-regular thing. I'm not sure that I can blame it on pregnancy, either. And I'm getting a little nervous because I'm not gaining any weight yet. In fact, I've lost some weight. Not good, but not just horrible at this stage either. Just pray I can EAT. 

There are about 10 "real" blog posts in my mind. Coming very soon!


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