Thursday, April 7, 2011

19 Weeks!

I can't believe I'm saying this already, but I am 19 weeks pregnant! Next week I will be half way there. That is absolutely NUTS. It has flown by! 

I've still been off and on sick quite a bit, but nothing I can't handle. I was bad sick for about a week straight and lost quite a bit of weight. Right now I am only 3 pounds more than when I first got pregnant. My belly is growing, though! Jeans are still fitting (most days) but shirts are slowly making their way to the "too small" drawer.  
We now have Morgan's crib set up along with a little book shelf (already collecting some children's books!) and a dresser. I just want to sit in that room every day, but it makes me anxious because I just want her to be here! I'm trying not to get a lot of stuff this early because it'll only make it that much harder to wait, but sometimes I just get some major baby fever and have to do something. 

Morgan now...
  • Weighs about 8.5 ounces
  • Is about 6 inches long
  • Has arms and legs that are the right proportion to her body
  • Is growing hair (most likely curly!)
  • Is packing on some of her "baby fat"... nothing cuter than baby chub!
  • Has fully functioning kidneys which are producing urine

I've been having a lot of, "I can't wait for that!" moments lately. One in particular happened Sunday afternoon. We went to lunch with Brooks & Kristi after church and I sat by Tinleigh & Eleighana. Out of nowhere, Eleighana, who is 3, just busted out singing, "God is so good! God is so good! God is so good! He's so good to me!" She sang all four verses and then asked if I wanted her to do it again. Of course, I said yes! So then she went again. You couldn't understand half of the words she was singing, but it was the most beautiful song I've ever heard. I asked her if she learned that in her Sunday School class and she said yes, then started singing Jesus Loves Me. Then I showed her the sign language to the song and she did it with me.

The whole time my heart just longed for the day I get to teach my daughter those songs and hear her innocent voice singing about how good God is!

This has been a blessed week of pregnancy. Lots of belly growth. Lots of energy I haven't had in a while. Lots of fun conversations and planning. 

God is so good, He's so good to me!



Simply Me said...

from one mommy to be to another, yaaaaaay!! :) Love your blog- new follower :)

Jordan Morgan Summers said...

Exciting!! I love your blog as well!