Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Our Easter

This was our first Easter to spend together married, and it was a great Easter! We had to be at church at 7:30 to take pictures for our new church directory. We took pics for about 3 hours then went to the 11:00 service. It was great, as usual and I absolutely loved seeing all the little kids dressed up.

I especially loved seeing my boy dressed up. :)

Morgan got a lot of attention Easter morning. People tend to really touch my belly a lot when I'm wearing a dress. And that only happens on Sunday. So every Sunday I try to prepare myself for lots of belly rubbing, which I'm still trying to get used to.

After church we went straight to Plumerville to visit Marty's family. This was a very special day because his grandma, who has been in the nursing home for the past couple of months, got to go home for the day. We took lots of pictures to savor the memory. She has Alzheimer's and is going downhill pretty fast now, so every day is a blessing. 

This is Marty's whole family... his grandparents (Meme and Papa), mom (Grangie), dad (Still trying to decide on that one), and sister, (Aunt) Erika. Morgan will love them and they are so ready for her to get here! 

After Plumerville we headed back to Conway to see my family. We went to my mom's house first to have dinner with her and my grandparents, along with my sister and her new boy.

The boys looked so nice all dressed up so we made them stay in their church clothes all day just so we could get a picture! 

Mom got Morgan her first Easter basket! This little bag was filled with a hooded towel and some other little baby goodies. It was all SO cute and definitely a gift my mom would give.

I tried to get a picture with my mom and Nana but are JUST alike and it's impossible to get them to both stop talking long enough for even a picture!

Yep. That picture pretty much says it all.

We never could get a picture with neither of them talking. Mom finally stopped and Nana started. So this was as good as it got!

After that we ran over to my aunt's house to visit with my other side of the family. All was great there but by that point I was so exhausted I couldn't take another picture. We stayed there for a little bit then came home. Morgan and I were SO STINKIN TIRED so we went straight to bed!

There were so many things I got excited about for next year. She'll be 7 months old, just starting to crawl. 
I can't wait to hide eggs around the house and have her crawl around and look for them. 
I can't wait to be the Easter Bunny! 
I can't wait to buy her very first Easter dress and have everyone comment on how cute she looks, because, I mean, she will. :) 
I can't wait to take family Easter pictures in all of our fun Easter colors. 
I can't wait to go visit all the family and have everyone take turns holding her and taking pictures of her.
I can't wait to walk into church with all of our Easter get-up on.
I can't wait, in years to come, to teach her all about the real meaning of Easter.

I can't wait!


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Dr. A said...

You are my hero on the belly touching--I'm not ready for that yet (and I think I send out "don't even think about it" vibes).