Monday, May 23, 2011

Just a few updates...

**I meant to post this last week, but for some reason it never posted. Here it is.

I've been quiet around here lately, but things have been pretty busy! Here's what's been happening in our little world since our run-in with the raccoon:

  • Marty got really sick the next day and was bad sick for almost 9 days. He's still coughing today, but it's not near as bad. This was kind of weird because this is the first time I've ever seen him sick. He had an awful cough, sinuses, fever, etc. But he never missed a day of work. Crazy. 
  • And in the mean time, I managed to stay healthy! I catch EVERYTHING so I was really scared I was going to get sick too. But, somehow I avoided it. It might have something to do with using about a can of Lysol a day and not letting him hardly even hug me. 
  • Although I did manage to almost cut my toe off. You ever had that fear of dropping a knife on your toes? It happened. I was getting something out of a kitchen drawer and a random knife fell out and landed just right on my second toe. I just kind of said, "ouch" and picked it up and kept doing whatever I was doing. A couple minutes later I was thinking my toe was really hurting and I looked down and there was blood EVERYWHERE. All over my house, leaving a trail. Don't worry, my toe is still attached and this is just further proof that I am NOT made to be a "barefoot in the kitchen" kind of woman.

  • We had yet another little experience with our lovely ole home. During the raccoon adventures, my grandma came by the house and to try to help, she threw some moth balls up in our attic. Well, our attic is only separated from our house by a layer of insulation and some ceiling tiles due to our drop-down ceiling. Needless to say, by the next day I could not BREATHE. The smell was so thick and awful, I seriously felt like I was just breathing in straight mothball gas. Marty, with his cough and fever and all, got up in the attic and one by one got rid of as many as he could. He counted about 150 that he got, but there's no telling if there were any others that were still up there. I've had the windows raised and fans on high for an entire week now trying to air out the house. The smell is STILL there, but not near as bad. Hopefully it'll go away... if not, I might go crazy. We just laugh and are all making mental notes to NEVER EVER buy moth balls again. (My grandma felt HORRIBLE, but hopefully she can laugh with us now... funny thing is Marty almost did the exact same thing the day before.)
  • I went back to the doc last week... everything looks good! Baby is still growing great, heartbeat was perfect, and I broke 100 pounds! I'm still not gaining near the amount of weight the books say you're "supposed to" gain, but my doc says the baby is growing and I'm fine so she doesn't think it's a big deal.
  • I think we've decided on a Pediatrician. This was actually a hard decision because we know five of the Pediatricians in Conway personally and they're all GREAT! But the one we chose we do not know, although we know his family well. And he has worked a lot with clubfoot and some of the things we might possibly be facing. We still might change our minds, but as of now, I will be meeting with him soon to discuss after birth options.
  • Oh, I also had the yucky glucose test to check for gestational diabetes. I have pretty bad hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) so I get glucose tests done pretty often. So this wasn't anything new,  but it was still horrible. I had to drink  this nasty, straight-sugar water in five minutes or less, then fast for an hour. Let me just tell you, telling a girl with hypoglycemia to fast for our hour is already a pretty big command. But telling a PREGNANT hypoglycemic to fast after drinking that stuff... I think they were trying to kill me. By the time an hour was up and it was time to draw blood I was spinning and about to fall over and my veins were impossible to get to. They stuck needles in both arms five different times before finally just doing a finger prick. I survived. Doc said if I don't hear anything from them that means I don't have it. So far I haven't gotten a call, which is a relief because I was at a high risk for this!

  • I'm achy. Bad. My back hurts so bad. If I bend over it'll hurt for about an hour. If I lift anything at all, it'll hurt for two days. My hips and knees are achy, too.
  • Oh, I forgot.... baby is kicking!!!!!! I posted earlier that I wouldn't be able to feel her as early as most people because of the way the placenta was facing. Well, last week I felt her! And ever since, she's been moving like CRAZY. She loves to kick my bladder. The kicks are now getting stronger and more frequent. Today there were a few that actually hurt! I like it though!
  • I'm growing. My belly is getting very big and now there is no doubt I'm pregnant. Although when I tell people I'm 6 months they almost don't believe me. (This picture is very misleading. I promise I look a lot bigger than this!)

  • I can't stand wearing clothes. All clothes are so uncomfortable. But don't worry, I will continue to wear them.
  • This is my view of my feet:

  • I cut 3 and a half inches off my hair. I told myself I wouldn't, but this summer is going to be SO HOT and my hair is SO thick. I had to. I like it, though.


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Dr. A said...

I empathize with the back pains. I'm starting water aerobics next week to see if that will help. Has Marty felt the kicks yet?