Thursday, May 5, 2011

My everyday conversations. Pregnancy at 23 weeks.

I'm so tired. 
I'm hungry. 
My back hurts. 
Will you rub my feet?
I'm hungry again.
I have to pee.
I have to pee again. 
Yes, already.
My legs itch!
I need another snack.
I'm so ready for bed. Yes, I know it's only 6:00.
I don't know what I'm trying to say!
I need some chocolate ice cream.
Okay, I gotta pee NOW!
I think I might have felt her kick?
I really shouldn't have eaten that. Dangit. Why did I eat that?
Oh my gosh, I hate indigestion.
Seriously, it's HOT. Please turn the air down.
I can hardly read that, my eyes are so blurry.
Can you grab that so I don't have to bend over?
Is it August yet? I'm so ready for her to be here.
Hang on, I have to pee again.
Should I take a snack with me or do you think there will be food?
Okay, I'm going to lay for a minute.
Whatever that smell is, it has GOT to go!
I can't tie my shoe.
She's getting SO big!
I look huge today!
Do you have any food?
Hi, where is your restroom?

This is what Marty hears on a daily basis. This is pregnancy at 23 weeks.



Morgan Paige said...

hahahaha i love this!

Casey said...

1) invest in a box will save your life!
2) always carry a snack!

I love reading your blog! It always brings a smile to my face!